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The sum of all the details

From viticulture to enology. From root to bottle. A continuous flux of knowledge and cooperation. Because it’s important to understand the grapes and the terroir to achieve the perfect nectar. And since perfection is a constant learning exercise, exposure to other markets and Wine Regions brings us new knowledge, new techniques that are blended into the greatness of our wines.

The tradition in winemaking that’s an assurance of quality

At Aveleda, winemaking is emphasized by its vast knowledge and experience in producing high quality white wines in the Vinho Verde Wine Region. Since 1998, that one of the world’s leading experts in white wine, Valérie Lavigne, works together with our enology team to constantly improve our range of wines. A perfect blend between knowledge, experience and innovation.

Pure and Elegant Wines

Through the most complex and delicate processes of vinifying white wine from soft-pressing, to low-temperature fermentation, we manage to reflect the true character and purity of the grape-variety.

Purity of Aveleda Wines

Img. Purity of Aveleda Wines

Balanced Wines

Great wines are made in the vineyard and have minimal intervention in the winery. The perfect balance of aromas and compounds is achieved in the vineyard and here viticulture and enology blend together to determine with precision the optimal harvest date for each parcel and each grape-variety to produce the desired wine style. A very-demanding process, but the only path to achieve the perfect balance of our wines.

Grapes going to the crushing machine

Img. Grapes going to the crushing machine

Wines that age beautifully

Conventionally, it is said that Vinho Verde should be consumed while young. But, in Aveleda, conventions have always been exciting challenges. From the very start, our wines are grown to age well in bottle, maintaining the elegance and fresh crispiness of the varieties and developing riper and more complex aromas and flavors as times goes by.

Wine library - evolving in bottle

Img. Wine library - evolving in bottle