5 white wines to enjoy in autumn

03 Nov 2023 / Food and Wine Pairing

Some people say that autumn is the time for red wines, but this trend has been fading as white wines with structure, body, and juiciness have started to appear that go perfectly with this season's dishes. If you're more of a white wine lover, find out how to pair them with suggestions for the colder days:

1.         Aveleda Alvarinho 

If you're looking for a wine with structure, allied to the more citric notes characteristic of this grape variety, as well as some liveliness, this is the wine for you. Perfect for fish dishes or roast vegetables such as pumpkin and courgette.

2.         Aveleda Solos de Xisto

A different kind of Alvarinho since the vines from which its grapes are harvested are planted in schist soils, giving rise to a wine with an intense profile on the palate and a persistent aftertaste. A sublime accompaniment to potatoes au gratin with cheese and smoked ham or roast cod.

A different white wine from the Loureiro variety, very aromatic and with a certain creaminess due to its ageing in the bottle. Perfect for dishes that aren't too spicy, such as octopus rice or roast octopus with vegetables.

If you prefer the structure and body of a wine, Aveleda Parcela do Roseiral is the right choice. The fermentation and ageing of part of the blend in French oak barrels give the wine body and concentration. It pairs very well with more elaborate dishes and even juicier meats such as roast pork or veal with vegetables in their own sauce or cheese fondue.

The most special wine in this selection, composed of a blend of Alvarinho and Loureiro and partially aged in new and used French oak barrels, gives this wine a sui generis profile. Creamy and juicy, with varied floral and tropical fruit notes, its complexity can be enjoyed with dishes such as risotto, pumpkin ravioli, or spicy oriental recipes.

With over 150 years of history, discover these 5 award-winning Aveleda white wines and share unique experiences this autumn.


Written by Aveleda