From the vineyards to the wine, a retrospective of the 2023 harvest

31 Jan 2024 / Viticulture

The first Aveleda wine, created at Quinta da Aveleda within the Vinho Verde region, was born out of a family's passion and constant attention to detail.

Since 1870, the vineyard cycle and the release of new harvests have been repeated every year, as will happen soon with the 2023 harvest.

2023 Harvest

The meteorological conditions of the viticultural year 2022/2023 were marked by abundant rain and low temperatures during winter. Spring remained rainy, affecting the start of the viticultural cycle. Warm and dry, the summer proved favorable for grape ripening. The harvest, overseen by the Viticulture team and starting on August 16, concluded in mid-September. Challenging and of good quality, this harvest resulted in aromatic, long, and refreshingly acidic wines.

Discover the profile of the 2023 harvest wines that will be available in the coming months:

Produced from indigenous grape varieties of the Vinho Verde region, including Loureiro, Arinto, Fernão Pires, and Trajadura, Aveleda Fonte White is the most typical expression of this demarcated region. Extremely elegant, it presents a fresh and delicate bouquet, marked by notes of green apple and lime. Crisp and with a penetrating minerality, this wine stands out for its freshness and citrus notes. It pairs well with appetizers like codfish cakes, pastries, or dishes such as chicken curry, white fish, or grilled vegetables. Discover our suggestion here.

Aveleda Fonte Rosé is a rosé Vinho Verde with the characteristic typicity of the region, made from Touriga Nacional, Espadeiro, and Azal Tinto grapes. Pale pink in color, in the Provencal style, this wine is light and fruity with a delicate aroma of red fruits and flowers. With a velvety texture and a penetrating minerality, it is an extremely gastronomic wine, perfect for pairing with Asian dishes, mushroom risotto, or strawberry cheesecake.

An incomparable single-varietal wine with Alvarinho grapes from the Vinho Verde region, giving a unique personality to the queen grape of Portuguese white wines. Clear and pale lemon-yellow in appearance, Aveleda Alvarinho presents delicate aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange blossom. It is a well-balanced, surprisingly structured, and velvety white wine with delicious notes of orange peel, pineapple, and lime flower. This wine has good acidity and mouth depth, pairing well with more structured poultry dishes or those with thicker sauces, and fatty fish such as salmon or tuna.

This wine, the most iconic blend from Quinta da Aveleda, was born out of the Guedes family's passion. Produced with the queen grapes of the Vinho Verde region, Loureiro and Alvarinho, it has a lemon-yellow color with greenish hints and an intense aroma where the citrus and mineral notes of Alvarinho blend perfectly with the floral nuances of Loureiro. In the mouth, it is a fresh and velvety wine that seduces with its elegance and personality. It pairs well with fatty fish such as tuna and salmon, sushi, and Italian cuisine.

Produced from the Loureiro grape variety, the most expressive in the Vinho Verde region, this wine is the result of a unique viticulture model that allows for a greater concentration of aromas and sugars in the grapes. With a citrine green color, Aveleda Loureiro reveals its aromatic splendor through floral and citrus notes. In the mouth, it is an elegant and harmonious wine that shows extraordinary freshness and flavor with notes of lemon, peach, and linden, typical of this grape, merging into a crisp and lingering finish. It pairs well with spicy dishes, seafood, or fresh salads and vegetables.

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Written by Aveleda