These Aveleda wines taste like summer

13 Jun 2023 / News

Opening a bottle of Aveleda wine is an escape to the Portuguese countryside, where the wine is crisp, days are filled with sunshine, and al fresco afternoons start whenever you want.

IN NORTHWEST PORTUGAL lies a one-of-a-kind region that defies expectations... and words. The Vinho Verde wine region, often mistaken for meaning "green wine," is actually non-translatable. It is in this region where, over 150 years ago, dreamer and visionary Manoel Pedro Guedes planted the seeds for what would become one of Portugal's greatest winemaking legacies: Quinta da Aveleda.

In 1870, amidst the rolling green hills of the Portuguese countryside, Quinta da Aveleda produced its first white wine, which went on to receive recognition and awards from the top critics of the time. Today, the family-owned Quinta da Aveleda is still making history with their spectacular Aveleda wines.

Manoel Pedro Guedes brought both the original vision and advanced techniques, which helped to shape the future of the now protected and cherished Vinho Verde region, and his descendants have carried it on, shepherding Canada’s most loved Vinho Verde brand into the present.

Aveleda wines are as diverse as the nine sub-regions in Vinho Verde, known for producing not only light and fresh wines, but also complex, structured and mineral wines you'll want to sip and savour all summer long. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, lush valleys and flowing rivers, the Vinho Verde region has the perfect natural conditions for creating original and versatile wines. And it's those long summer days that create the perfect natural condition for drinking them.

At Aveleda, winemaking is both art and science, where attention to each detail and minimal intervention reflects the true character and purity of the grape. The Aveleda Fonte white, made from indigenous Vinho Verde varieties, is the truest expression of the region: gripping minerality, vibrant fresh fruit, slightly effervescent.

For the iconic Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho blend, the beloved Loureiro and Alvarinho grape varieties are harvested at night to preserve their freshness for an expertly balanced, smooth wine that bursts with floral and fresh citrus aromas.

The single varietal Aveleda Loureiro is a balanced, elegant and fresh white wine with distinct floral and fruity aromas.

The Aveleda Alvarinho, also a single varietal, is produced with Alvarinho grapes from two different terroirs (granite and schist soils), to create a rich and velvety structured wine that combines minerality and fruity aromas.

Aveleda wines convey the vibrant nature and typical varieties of the Vinho Verde wine region and are ideal for sipping on al fresco afternoons. Their multiplicity of singular flavours affording a variety of experiences will certainly surprise you.

The perfect Aveleda wines for summer

1. Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde white

This medium-dry beauty is perfect for al fresco afternoons with its lower alcohol content and subtle effervescence. Enjoy its pleasant minerality and notes of green apple and lime all summer long.

Marinated olives, empanadas, chicken or vegetable curry, grilled white fish and vegetables


2. Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho Vinho Verde white

A match made in wine heaven, this dry white perfectly balances Alvarinho’s intensity with Loureiro’s floral gentleness for a sip bursting with citrus fruits and velvety smoothness. 

Sushi, Thai food, tuna tataki, grilled salmon, and fresh vegetables

BUY NOW LCBO#: 89995

3. Aveleda Alvarinho Vinho Verde white

Known as the queen of Portuguese white varieties, this Alvarinho is incredibly structured and smooth. Feel refreshed with its notes of orange skin and tropical aromoas.

Fresh oysters, asparagus with butter sauce, tuna steak with sauteed vegetables

BUY NOW LCBO#: 610295

4. Aveleda Loureiro Vinho Verde white

You'll love this elegant wine with extraordinary freshness and, flavour. Expect typical notes of the variety like lemon, lime, and white flowers, which blend in a crisp and striking finish.

Clams cooked in french onion stew (among other seafood dishes), ceviche, grilled fish and poultry dishes

BUY NOW LCBO#: 646067

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