Wine Tourism at Quinta da Aveleda: Discovering Unique Experiences

05 Mar 2024 / Events

Located just 30 km from Porto, in the heart of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, Quinta da Aveleda offers a magical experience across 8 hectares of historic gardens, featuring more than 114 botanical species, including a 300-year-old eucalyptus tree.

In perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, and through various programs and services, you can discover the history of this unique place and learn more about Aveleda's centuries-old experience in producing wines recognized nationally and internationally.

Programs Available at Quinta da Aveleda
Throughout the year, you can enjoy various programs and experiences designed for the whole family. 2024 brought new additions, including guided tours and picnics in the gardens, wine and spirit tastings, Escape Garden, and bread-making workshops.

Easter Egg Hunt Program
To celebrate the upcoming festive season, families can participate in an Easter egg hunt, with eggs hidden in the gardens of Quinta da Aveleda. This program will be available on the two weekends leading up to Easter Sunday (March 23/24 and 29/30) at two times: 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. This program also includes an Egg Workshop.

Program with Local Schools
Committed to contributing to the education of future generations, Quinta da Aveleda launched an integration program with local schools in January. This program offers educational and interactive experiences for students of all ages, including guided tours of the gardens and vineyards, providing a unique opportunity for students to learn about wine culture and the importance of environmental preservation. This program can also include a snack or lunch at the Quinta.

Programs on Special Dates

To celebrate International Women's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Children's Day, Aveleda has prepared a set of unique experiences. Visitors can explore the charms of the estate through guided tours, wine tastings, and gastronomic experiences.

Family Program
To provide enriching experiences for both adults and children, the Family Ticket has been available since February. For just €30, two adults and two children can enjoy the beauty of Quinta da Aveleda's landscape.

How to Enjoy Wine Tourism Experiences at Quinta da Aveleda

Additional Information: For more detailed information about each program (availability, prices, etc.), contact the Quinta da Aveleda Wine Tourism team through the website, email at, or phone at +351 255 718 200.

Reservations: You can make your reservation directly here or through the contacts above.

News: Stay tuned for other news throughout the year, especially in summer and harvest season, which you can find on the Provas by Aveleda social media pages.

Nearby, you can also discover the historic center of Penafiel and its award-winning municipal museum or explore the Romanesque Route.

Take advantage of the weekend or your holidays to discover Quinta da Aveleda with family and friends, and let yourself be enchanted by the idyllic setting of this place, through experiences that promise moments of pure enchantment.

Written by Aveleda