Quinta da Aveleda

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Quinta da Aveleda

A journey through the senses

In the heart of the Vinho Verde Wine Region, surrounded by delicious details, a piece of ancient times, an evasion of the senses. This is how you feel at Quinta da Aveleda. When entering this space, you travel through the history of a visionary family, you contemplate nature sculpted with passion, you witness a different scenery with every season... A breathtaking experience to each of our senses.

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So close and so much to explore

Penafiel, a brief journey from Porto, hides a secret gem guarded by high granite walls, Quinta da Aveleda. Its proximity to the vibrant city of Porto, invites you to explore this promise of a delightful evasion of the senses.

Wine Experiences

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Wine Experiences

Experiences that will delight all of your senses, our wine tourism team specializes in recreating and producing a range of unique experiences tailor made to each and everyone who visits us.


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Every corner at Quinta da Aveleda tells a story and it's a journey through the senses

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A legacy of passion

A History that broke the walls of time. It is said to have originated with Velleda, a wise and ancient prophet that lived in the surroundings. But not even she could have foretold the prosperous future of this place. The first records of the estate date back to the 16th century until the figure of Manoel Pedro Guedes. The earth’s calling made him leave the political life in the capital and dedicate himself exclusively to the estate in Penafiel and its wines.

Books with vintage annotations

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